Alpha Bit Smash

Connecting iconic NFT art to video smash-ups for the metaverse

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About Alpha Bit Smash

Grab the popcorn.

We're a platform of story tellers inspired by works of classic art colliding with our love of movies, pop culture and 8 bit video games.

Looks fun. looks rare. 👀

A crypto community-driven entertainment studio

Alpha Bit Smash (ABS) begins as an exclusive collection of NFTs on Solana. What will be the key to our success!? Our vision is to grow a worldwide audience for our NFT community through the power of video and artist collaboration. We know how to do this first hand, having generated millions of views on Youtube, with hits such as the 8 Bit Cinema series as well as short films, music videos and commercial work for video game companies. In other words, we're going to have a blast creating engaging content that will promote, feature and take inspiration from the NFT Smash-ups minted by the community.

They say a NFT is worth a thousand words. In the world of Alpha Bit Smash, your NFTs will come to life.

Back to the Escher NFT sample image
Back to the Escher
Morphin Away NFT sample image
Morphin Away
Shine Busters NFT sample image
Shine Busters
This IS Art NFT sample image
This IS Art
The Last Suspects NFT sample image
The Last Suspects
Breaking Good NFT sample image
Breaking Good
The Fifth Nighthawk NFT sample image
The Fifth Nighthawk
Hoola Hoop Genius NFT sample image
Hoola Hoop Genius
Monkey Games NFT sample image
Monkey Games


NFT Details, Perks and Roadmap

Coming soon...

Pixel artists, video game musicians and metaverse/blockchain game creators: Interested in art collaborations? Hit us up!

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